Split Personalities hostage – Legendarylootz

Duration: 23:55; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

You wake up, wrists tied. How did you get here? You can’t remember. All you know is this sex crazed chick wants your dick. She’s already plugged, wearing her harness and heels she tells you she needs it, sucks your cock and rubs you all over her ass and pussy. She begs for it, she’s about to ride you.. things go hazy.. you start fading and it goes black. You wake up. It’s different. A cute blonde girl wonders why you’re here, it must be for something important. She’s innocent and shy but the more you think naughty thoughts the dirtier she gets.. are you controlling all of this? She has fun teasing you in her pink dress and lingerie and encourages you to stroke for her. She can’t fuck you after all, that would be naughty! She worries she is being a little too slutty, touching herself all over and showing her holes but it’s definitely turning her on, she rarely does these kind of things. Just as it’s getting good you start fading again, she calls out to you but it’s too late. Black. You’re shaken awake. Wake UP. It’s her. The girl who brought you here.. to fuck. Why else would you be here? She wants to get off using your dick, she’s been craving it for so long. You finally get your release, she wants you to cum in her. She rides you hard until you both cum. She blows you a kiss goodbye and says she had a good time. How do you get back home? This is all in your head, you created it, just close your eyes.. you’ll be off again

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