Sneaker Goon 1080p – Leena Fox

Duration: 09:50; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEET - FOOT FETISH

My tight toned legs clad in jeans shorts and Vans sneakers make it difficult for you to remember to breathe. It doesn’t help that I have owned these sneakers for YEARS and have let My pretty feet sweat in them more times than I can count. I bet you can’t stop thinking about sticking that nose of yours deep into My stinky shoe. Can you? Just the thought makes your dick hard. Doesn’t it? The sight of My toned and tan legs in these Vans makes your desire to stroke pop to the forefront of your mind. You can’t stop thinking of stroking to My old dirty sneakers. It’s your lucky day loser. Go ahead and start stroking. Maybe if you are lucky I will even let you cum…

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