Smoke, Strip, & Ride w/ Jocelyn – Jocelyn Baker

Duration: 20:48; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

The title says it me smoke, strip, & ride. This video is for those who like a more, simplistic approach to masturbation. I realized that I get SO many requests to do riding videos & shows, yet I’ve never made an actual video showing me doing just that. So, without further is that video. I begin with a nice fat bowl pack of my favorite strain, I always love how sensual smoking makes me so of course I can’t resist enjoying that feeling as I pleasure myself. After a few hits I start to strip for the camera, first my lingerie..then my panties. I let you admire my ass by twerking and shaking it for the camera while I’m turned around. Then, it’s back to a frontal view so I can show you my huge tits as I unclasp my bra. I rub and tug on my nipples, silently moaning at how incredible the sensation is. I’m beginning to get turned on, so I lick and suck on my fingers to get them nice and wet, slowly moving them downward to my pussy where I play with my clit for a couple of minutes. I want to warm myself up for the huge toy I’m going to ride. Once I’m nice and wet, I slide it into my tight little cunt and begin riding slowly at first. That doesn’t last very long as it feels so fucking good that I have to speed up, my tits flopping and bouncing everywhere as I slam the cock as deep inside me as it will go. You get a few views of me riding; with me leaning forward to show you my tits clapping and bouncing as I ride, and then I turn around and do it from behind to show you how I can twerk my ass on it while I continue to ride. There’s also a close up from behind as I continue to thrust all 8.5 inches in me. For the finale, I always love to cum with my hitachi – so I switch to that. And you get to watch me have a earth shattering, mind blowing orgasm. Which of course, I show off how wet and pulsing I am after I cum, ending the video with a close up shot of my perfect cunt.

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