Small Office Rumors – Princess Carmela

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Someone has been spreading rumors around the office about you having a small dick, but that’s only one of the humiliating things that happened so far. It seems like I’m always finding some new pervy fetishes of yours in the office gossip chain. I keep hearing about you. I might be the only friend you have left so don’t ruin it by having a will of your own. I the only person left in this office who still your friend so don’t blow it. Not know your place and kiss my feet, good boy. Now go get me coffee and a bagel then kneel down by my desk and wait for my orders. Now you can know the truth I’m the one who started these rumors about you because for one I know there true and two I knew you were a subby bitch the day you took this job. So now you will serve me as a slave until I let you go.

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