Simple, Stupid Loser JOI – Princess Miki

Duration: 10:51; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

– By Princess Miki – I could play intense, complicated, mind bending games of verbal humiliation… but your stupid brain (or lack thereof) doesn’t require that much effort, does it? Your cock gets hard at just the sight of the loser symbol or middle finger. I usually find this kind of thing tacky — something you’d see flooding the findom hashtag on Twitter — but this is your kryptonite, isn’t it? I’ll be happy to let you indulge in this, only because it’s so very easy for Me. I can just put on this cute little bratty outfit, bring out the hand symbols, and call you a loser a few times and you’ll cum. This description — which is humiliating in itself — screams “BUY IT, LOSER.” No eloquent monologue or intense visual effects are needed to bring someone like you to your knees. You’re just too simple and easy, so effort is unnecessary on My part. And guess what? After all of this generic verbal humiliation, I’ll even let you cum!

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