Shiny Syrup – Messy Cleo

Duration: 07:50; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

Cleo wants to play with some glucose syrup. So she gets some syrup in different colours and gets Bob to pour it over her. Cleo’s wearing fishnet stockings, red suspenders and red thong. Bob starts pouring some clear syrup across Cleo’s boobs. Once they’re nicely covered, with syrup dripping everywhere, Cleo slowly rubs it in with her hands. Cleo they turns around so Bob can pour some green syrup across her back and bum. The syrup is really sticky and covers her skin very nicely. Ofcourse Cleo can’t stop herself from touching her buttocks and rubbing the dripping syrup around. After turning back around, Bob feels that Cleo’s boobs need some colour too. So he gets some pink syrup and pours it on. Cleo loves the feel of the syrup and plays with it. She rubs it across her boobs and down to her crotch. Cleo’s hair is still clean, so obviously that needs some syrup too. For this Bob uses some blue syrup. He pours is over Cleo’s head slowly, making it drip slowly across Cleo’s face. It then trickles down to her boobs, where Cleo starts playing with it again. She rubs the syrup around until her head and boobs are completely coated in a layer of blue syrup.

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