Sheena Rose – Cheating On Your Wife With Your Sister

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You walk into the house to find your younger sister nappin on the day bed. She wakes up and asks where your wife is at. She is not there, it is just you and her. She starts to tell you how much she appreciates and loves you. She then asks if she can ask you something. She doesn’t want it to be weird, you two have always been close. It is harmless. She takes off her bra and asks if she needs a boob job. You don’t know what to say at first.. her breasts are so perky and perfect. You tell her they are fine. She notices you’re getting hard thru your pants. She thinks it is kinda funny and wants to see. Come on, you seen her boobs. Why not? She unzips and see’s your massive cock. She can’t help but start to suck it. You are already cheating on your wife with your sister, you might as well go all the way. She tells you NOT to cum in her though. She isn’t on the pill. She is so hot, tight, and her dirty talk is everything. She is riding you so hard and you can’t help yourself. You cum inside your sister…

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