Sensual Desires 1080p – Angel The Dreamgirl

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I really love one video you made where you masturbate to orgasm wearing a pair of tights. You masturbate through the material, without putting your hand inside the tights. Would you be able to make another video like that? This time, could you masturbate standing, while looking at yourself in the mirror? It can have the same vibe of you being in the privacy of your room, having fun without knowing you are being observed. You can start by looking at yourself in the mirror, running your hands over your tights, letting what you see arouse you. Let the rest happen. Most importantly, keep your hands above the tights, so I can see what your fingers are doing.

Separately, would you be able to make a video with the same idea, but wearing a pair of cycling shorts? Imagine you just came back home from a ride, saw yourself in the mirror, and got really turned on. I could choose a pair of shorts for you which should work well (doesn’t have a pad that is too thick).

I don’t think we need anything elaborate for the scenario, at least not for the first time. Imagine you just came back from a ride, started changing, then got distracted by how sexy you look in the mirror. Don’t start touching your pussy straight away, pose for yourself, run your hands over the lycra, let the feel and look of it turn you on. Please remain standing all the way.

While you are looking at yourself in the mirror, let the camera face you, to get better picture quality. Let it be some combination of the camera showing all of you, and some close-ups of the shorts.

I think what I am most after is seeing you turned on by how sexy you look in lycra. I think it is a piece of clothing that has both a strong aesthetic (highlights the human physique in a stylised way, has smooth glossy material, interesting patterns of seams) and is very sexy at the same time, as it reveals the shape of the body so well. I hope you are able to appreciate this at least a bit like I do.

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