Selenne Noir – Morning Jogging Is Good For The Health The Health Of Your Marriage Especially

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I’m so exhausted after the experience I just had. Going outside for jogging can be challenging sometimes. We both know that you can’t satisfy me so I have to take care of my needs every time I can, hubby. There was a guy, he was jogging as well. He came across me, trying to talk to me, telling me how beautiful I am. He caught my attention quite fast because he was looking like a God, and you know my urge when I meet a hot powerful man. From a talk to another, I asked him straight if he ever had sex publicly. He wasn’t expecting this, but he told me he never did it, but it is his biggest fantasy. We went on the little tree area in the park, he pulled his pants off showing his huge cock, I started to suck it right away and after a while, he pushed me against a tree, bent me over and started to fuck me in such a hungry way till I came. After he felt my pussy wetter and tighter he pulled his cock out of me, and shoved his cock deep inside my mouth, making me enjoy my sweet flavor, then he started to jerk his cock, cumming all over my face. I took his number at the end so we can jog together from now on. What a hell of a morning!

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