Sandra Latina – The Egyption

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If he has an accent, abs and a big dick there’s a %100 chance we are fucking! We met in Miami and he said he had never been with a Latina before and coincidentally I had never been with an Egyptian man before so I knew we were definitely fucking but I did not think he was going to fuck me as good as he did. Once we got up to my suite he took completely control and fucked my brains out and I love how aggressive he was as he was doing it. He pulled my hair as he fucked me from behind, grabbed my neck as he was on top of me and then threw me in front of my the mirror, placed my hands on the mirror and then pounded the fuck out of me as I came on his big Egyptian cock. That thing was so long and hard that as soon as I hopped and he started fucking me I began soaking him with my squirt, he activated the waterfall and it never turned off. He loved how wet my pussy was for him and I think we fucked up the sheets with how soaked we left them. lol Oops! When we first met he said if we ever fucked all he wanted to do was place his big between my perfect big ass cheeks so I made his dream cum true and let him place that big Arabic dick between my cheeks before draining the cum out it. His smile as he makes my pussy squirt over and over is priceless. Did I mention that his dick was so long it barely fit in my mouth? But I loved sucking on it and watching his eyes roll behind his head as I was doing it. Do all Arabic men fuck like this? He’s definitely not my last Arabic man. He left my pussy so fucking satisfied. He’s my Arabian prince. lol There is definitely going to be a part 2 with him.

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