Saffmas – Goddess Saffron

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My weak ones, today I you will celebrate this special day like never before. Yes, today is officially SAFFMAS. A significant religious day held at the time of the winter solstice to celebrate your Divine Goddess Saffron. The day of The Goddess. The day of SAFFRONISM. The day of celebration, frivolity, lust, pleasure and self abandonment. The most wonderful thing about Saffmas is that you can actually see your real life Goddess. As a follower of Saffronism, there is no faith, there is no belief, there is no wondering if there really is a God/Goddess that you are praying to each night. Unlike other religions, the reality of Saffronism is that I am the REAL Goddess who encourages pleasure, lust and the worship of My Divine carnal envelope. I am the Goddess of passion, lust, pleasure. I am the Goddess who cares for her followers and encourages selflessness, humility, loyalty and worship. All these qualities make each one of my followers pure. Today is the day of worship and devotion as you pledge yourself to Me like never before with Holy offerings. Today is the day you will stroke away any antiquated old religions you may have and emerge as a new man, a new follower ready to experience blissful Divine enslavement and an ultimate mindgasm. Sit back relax and soak in My perfection, worship My body and give yourself to your Goddess – The Goddess – Goddess Saffron.

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