Sadbaffoon – Stuck In The Friendzone Pity Bj

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Your best friend from school that you’ve always been really attracted to invites you over to hang out after class. While you guys are hanging out on her bed, she starts venting to you about how she’s had a bad day but is so happy to have a real friend like you around. She goes on about this guy in her class that she likes and you start getting a bit jealous. Out of frustration you speak up asking her if you can be honest about something. You come clean and admit you have a crush on her. She’s surprised but also has a look of pity on her face. Like she feels bad that you’re in this position. She tells you that she only sees you as a friend and doesn’t have feelings for you. She doesn’t want to lose you as a friend over this, she says she knows it’s unfair for you to stick around. She suggests that maybe you guys could work something out though. How about I suck your cock whenever you want it? You can’t tell anyone though. I don’t want any of the boys I like to think we’re dating.

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