Sadbaffoon – Seducing My Co Worker Teasing Amp Bj

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There’s a new girl at work. She started working with your company about a month ago. Man she is really cute. You stare at her almost all day and she’s always distracting you from doing your work with her cute smile. Today she was a little different. She glanced over and smiled at you more than usual. She started squeezing her boobs together and feeling herself. Oh my god! She pulled her boobs out and showed them to you! You cross your legs because you feel your cock getting hard. She starts sucking on her pen and eases her hand down her skirt. She gestures you to look under her desk and starts opening her legs. You feel yourself getting really hot and turned on. She unsnaps the body suit she’s wearing underneath her skirt and shows you her cute pink pussy. It’s prettier than you imagined. She starts touching herself, glancing around every so often to make sure only you can see. The boss walked by and she quickly closed her legs and giggled. After he walked away she went right back to touching herself. Oh god she’s walking over to your desk! She hands you a letter that says “Meet me in the bathroom”. Is this it? Are you about to fuck this girl?! You stand up to walk to the bathroom with nervous thoughts running through your head. You open the door and she’s sitting there already on her knees waiting for you. She says that you always distract her at work and that she can’t concentrate. She wants to make you cum so badly. She starts to beg for you to pull your cock out. You can’t say no to this! You’re nervous you guys are going to get caught and fired but you’re so hard so you pull out your cock. Her mouth feels so good. She sucks your cock while talking about how she’s always going to be thinking about this while she’s at her desk now. She begs you to cum in her mouth. She would let you cum on her face but she doesn’t want to make a mess since you guys have to go back out to the office. You empty your balls deep into her throat and she gulps down your cum. You should probably leave 5 minutes after me so no one gets suspicious.

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