Ruined At The Hands Of Miss Roper – Miss Raquel Roper

Duration: 08:59; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: HANDJOBS

Hands balled up in leather mitts, legs and arms strapped, chained by the neck to my dungeon furniture; he truly doesn’t understand the sensually sadistic torment I am about to bestow upon him. My body encased in rubber, shining opera latex gloves gracing my fingers; as this little toy in particular is to never feel my flesh on his flesh. Undeserving. I enjoy winding him up, twirling a finger around his tip, using only two to slowly work my way from the base up towards the shaft; however I enjoy even more when I suddenly remove my hand just as sounds of pleasure threaten to leave his lips. The look in my eyes as I watch his untouched cock twitch and squirm; smoldering. His body trembles within his confinement, his pulsing thumping through his cock which feels as though at any moment could burst as I lean in and blow a hot stream of air towards the tip. When the precum begins to dribble from it, I scoop it up and invade his mouth with my fingers, forcing him to lap up every drop. The very moment when it feels as though he’s going to cum, so desperate; I remove my hand. Sending him spiraling into the ruins in which he belongs. Silly little toy.

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