Roxy Cox and Tamsin Riley – Panty Stuffing & Facefucking Lil Sisters

Duration: 19:17s; Quality: 3840x2160; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Little sisters Roxy & Tamsin are walking up to the stairs when they see the laundry basket open and their brother sat there with their dirty panties wrapped around his cock, jerking off. They ask what is he doing and why hasn’t he put his dick away with them watching him. He continues to wank, they are curious to know if it feels good? Why he’s looking at their faces while he does it? What if they touched it would he like it better? The brother would much prefer to use his sisters hands & mouths to jack off with instead of just their panties and so tells them to go ahead and touch. The naïve girls grab his bulging cock and are fascinated at how it feels. They love how it throbs in their hands and re too dumb to know any better when he tells them to start jerking him off. They have a feeling what their dirty brother was trying to do, he was wanking into their panties to cover them in white stuff, cum right? They both really want to watch him cum and see this sticky white stuff for the first time, but the jerking isn’t enough. He want’s them to use their mouths now. His younger sisters take turns sucking his big cock, gagging on it with the panties still wrapped around the long shaft. Trying to keep their big brother happy, they stretch their mouths & throats to take it deeper and gag harder. He’s on the edge now and is nearly finished with them. Looking for a good place to cum, the brother stuffs the dirty panties into his sisters’ open mouths and spunks all over their faces wiping it off with their panties and making them lick the cum off.

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