Roxy Cox and Lenina Crowne – Homewrecker BJ and CIM Behind Wifes Back

Duration: 15:2s; Quality: 3840x2160 HD; Category: BLOW JOBS

Roxy and Lenina Crowne are back again this time we both are at your place for a party, but we quickly get bored and leave the room to confront you in the hallway. We have to whisper though as your wife is with your guests in the next room and we wouldn’t want her to hear anything she shouldn’t now would we. We know you have been eyeing us up all night and staring at our tits in our sexy dresses. We don’t blame you, I mean come on we are way more hotter than your wife and how could you possibly resist both of us now we’ve confronted you. Getting our tits out, we tease you and you get an instant hard on, no going back now so you may as well get your cock out for us so we can wank it and suck you off better than your wife ever could! Making you cheat feels so good, our glasses are empty so why don’t you fill it up with your cum, so we can taste it gulp it down.

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