Reya Sunshine – RAILED by Personal Trainer

Duration: 40:05; Quality: 3840x2160 HD; Category: XXX HARDCORE

I want to start working out… but I HATE going to the gym.. it’s so uncomfortable with pervy dudes always checking me out and hitting on me! So I hire Duncan, my new personal trainer who comes to work me out in the comfort of my own home… and bed! We start the session on a professional note, but tension starts building. Uncomfortable with the new exercises, I explain that I usually just work out on my pole. This type of workout is new to my trainer, so I show him a couple of tricks. The chrome rod feels so erotic pressed against my curves and tension between us keeps mounting until we decide to take the workout to the bed! We quickly strip down and start making out. He lays back and I put his huge cock in my mouth to get it nice and wet. It’s SO big! I then climb on top of him (I need to get my workout in, after all!) and begin riding.

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