Red Pantyhose Ass and Legs Tease 1080p – Leena Fox

Duration: 09:56; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Seeing Me in a pair of red thigh high stockings would have an effect on any guy. When viewing My perfection you may notice your heart begins to beat faster, your knees grow weak, or your breathing becomes heavy. Red stockings illicit such a reaction in you My good boy. The sight of My shapely legs being hugged by red stockings is enough to transform you into My perfect goon ready to be of service in any way you are able. My every curve is emphasized by the red thigh highs. My words pierce through your psyche as you sit before Me, unable to speak or even move. I move My voluptuous frame in such a way that feels like you are experiencing a walking dream. There is no where you would rather be than beneath My perfect ass and legs, worshipping every inch of My perfect body and mind. contains elements of: ass worship, leg worship, pantyhose tease, pantyhose dominance, female supremacy, mesmerize

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