PsilocybinSkye – Poke Trainer Skye Wins

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Whew! After putting on such a show for you I doubt you’d think I could even hop on you’re massive dick huh? huh?! Hehe well, how could I resist it! I start by jerking you off with my hand then I decide to suck you off but, just a little bit hehe. Okay NOW to the good stuff, FINALLY I get to hop on your huge dick! Hehe I start off by squatting on your dick and bouncing on it. Getting more adjusted with how big your dick is with every inch. Your watching my tits bounce and it’s super hot buuuut it could be hotter hehe. Like, Whaaaat if I was a real slut for you? I grab my massive double ended dildo in one hand and another dildo in the other hand, I start deep throating the fuck out of them while bouncing on your dick. I’m getting super duper sloppy sucking these dildos while riding your dick! Hehe but you are not fucking me hard enough! Come onnn fuck me HARDER! I need you to fuck me harder commeee on!!! Finally, You fuck me super duper hard! My tits are bouncing and I’m drooling from being such a slut and sucking off these dildos and SHOVING them down my throat. It’s so hot you EXPLODE in me in no time. I quickly grab the Poké ball and drench it in your cum, but only to lick it alllll off later hehe. You really really spoiled me in all your cum didn’t you? Hehe I hope you feel like a real winner after all that, buuuut let’s be honest here, hehe. Since you came soOOOo much for me! It kinda looks like I won instead hehe

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