PsilocybinSkye – Intimate Gfe Video Call After Stream

Duration: 20:31s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

In this GFE video you get to see me end my live stream and me being excited to call you prior to the video call. You answer the call on your work trip and it’s late. You confirm that you will be working late and won’t be returning to the hotel when you thought you would. But little did you know I had planned a little bit of sexy time for us! You say your alone and will be for some time and I tell you my plan. I go into taking off my clothes and playing with myself. Asking you to get your cock out and stroke it for me. After fucking myself and sucking the dildo all while I ask you to stroke your cock. I say how much I want us to cum together and do a 5 second cum countdown.

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