PsilocybinSkye – Cheat on Ur Girlfriend Again With Meee

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This is part 2 of the 6 part series of us sneaking around your girlfriend annnd yep, you guessed it! my best friend Kathryn’s back! I meet you at the door and reveal what’s under my robe for you, telling you how I thought ‘it’d be fun’ if you thought of me wearing this the next time you were fucking Kathryn, all while stroking your big cock. You then tell me how much you want to play with me too, so I lead us to the bed. I wrap my legs around your head, rip my fishnets and instruct you to eat my pussy. Ugh but fucking Kathryn calls during. How, ironic. That dumb bitch doesn’t even know I have my legs wrapped around you while we talk on the phone. The way you’re eating my pussy is getting too intense, so I make up some dumb excuse and tell her I’ll call her back hehe. Then, after, I beg really hard for your cock and for you to fuck me harder! But you won’t do it! Ugh, I guess you just like to watch me whine and beg for it hehe. Then afterwards you pound my pussy in doggy style, but… then, Kathryn calls AGAIN! Ugh. She’s calling to say that she can’t get ahold of you and has to leave town for an emergency work trip! Hehe, yay think that means I’ll be able to fuck you for a whole week eeek! She comments on how loud it is where I am… my guess is it’s the vibrator I decided to start using after she called. Hehe I tell her it’s a lawnmower and it’s super loud and I put my phone right next to where you are pounding my pussy so she can hear the vibrator while you fuck me hehe. I get so overwhelmed I make up an excuse to hang up and throw my phone across the room, just in enough time to squirt all over your cock! Hehe talking to your girlfriend must have turned me on soooo much because I couldn’t hold back. I gotta return the favor to you and let you drain your balls in my mouth.

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