PsilocybinSkye – Bun Bun and Her Big Horse Dicked Bf

Duration: 20:40s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

** big dicked horse boyfriend tm. (lolz) pre-cums a total of 2 times and he cums buckets 2 times as well ^ . ^ ** It’s bunny’s first time fucking her horse boyfriend! At best before she’s sucked him off a few times buuut they haven’t gone “all the way yet” teehee. The scene starts out with bun bun asking her big dicked horse boyfriend if he likes her outfit. he does say yes buuuuuuut for some reason it makes her more nervous? She starts out really timid, but excited! Like she’s fucked before an d everything buuut she never taken something as big as him! She even had to practice on some very biiig carrots before meeting up with her boyfriend today… (no carrots in vid) her boyfriend is equally as excited likeee he pre-came twice! woweee and the AMOUNT of cum was sOooo much that bun bun thought he actually came! Bun bun hops on that biiiiiig dick after trying to get it in her tight little bunny pussy! But liiiike, it barely fits! It pops out a few times before bun bun is really able to bounce her cute little bunny butt on his big dick. He basically explodes in her so deep that she had to hop off and bounce her butt to get it all out! 0.0 teehee after all of that bun bun decides she needs to lick his dick clean, but while she’s going at it and sucking her off her boyfriend lets her know her has another surprise… ITS, cum

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