Princess Violette – Mesmerized Into Having a Foot Fetish

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Maybe you never saw yourself as a foot slave before, but that’s okay. What is true is that you have an undeniable weakness for me. That my soft relaxing voice and pretty face is your kryptonite. It all starts there. What’s important is that you give me your full attention with no interruptions or distractions. Second by second slowly giving in fully, which will be easy while staring at me (of course.). You’ll feel how weak you truly are for me, how you will easily agree with anything I say. I put you into such a special slave trance that really nothing else matters or even exists. It is just this moment between Goddess and her slave boy. Listening and accepting all of the little tweaks and re-programming of your malleable brain. Tailoring you to my liking. You also agree that you must properly worship and admire all of me, don’t you? Yes, that’s right. You understand that Goddess knows what’s best and that you have no choice but to comply. As I’m talking to you and teasing you with my sexy heels, stockings, and bare feet an overwhelming sensation comes over you that you haven’t felt before. I have the prettiest feet you’ve ever seen and you are deeply triggered to bow beneath my feet. Worshipping and giving attention to every part of Goddess is very important. You have to properly appreciate all of me. Your mind is so weak and you’re so horny of course you completely agree with this and are begging to worship. You will put your focus onto my feet and will become my foot slave as I give you a whole new fetish and meaning to your life. Watch as I guide you through the hottest foot worship ever. I know you never thought you’d feel this way… but I have this way of molding you into whatever I want, and now you have a full blown foot fetish.

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