Princess Violette – Goon Into Oblivion

Duration: 14:25s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Just when you thought you could possibly escape… What, you thought you could live a normal live absent of this chronic masturbation addiction? You think you could leave Goonerville? Ahahahaha. echo my giggles playing throughout your head and destroying every brain cell. This is forever. This is permanent. Goon Into Oblivion — goon into a permanently mindless state of arousal and denial. A painful yet sweet mix. There is no escape, and today I prove that by taking you DEEPER. I know you’ve been craving a new gooner clip from me where you can pump, pump, pump. Pump the life out of yourself while I tease you, ruin you, and own you. All for me. You’ll passionately goon for me like an idiot. You’ll goon like there is no tomorrow. I’ll be making a subject out of you and I promise I won’t have any mercy. After all, I want it to hurt.

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