Princess Piper – Mindless Jelly Brained Jerker

Duration: 06:00; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

Princess Piper! This intense mesmerize/mindfuck clip is filled with audio and visual effects that will truly fuck with your brain.Before starting to watch this clip, you were a completely whole human being. You are coherent and fully functioning, you have different thoughts swimming around in your brain. But very quickly with me coming onto your screen, that all changes drastically, doesn’t it? Your brain slowly starts turning into mush, into soft squishy stupid mush. You no longer have a fully functioning brain. All the b l 00 d in your body is rushing down to your cock. You’re so distracted that your brain turns to jelly. You have a bit of a jelly brain suddenly, don’t you? You can’t fucking think straight any more. You’re stupid. You just a lost airheaded being at this point. All you can do is stare at my perfect body and stroke your cock. That’s all that your jelly brain knows how to do, isn’t it?All your jelly brain can think is just, ‘stroke, stroke, stroke, goon, goon, goon.’ No other thoughts in that squishy useless mushy jelly brain of yours, is there? Just the image of my body alone is what makes you suddenly so stupid and weak. You can’t focus any more on anything else except me and my perfect body. My sexy little bikini turns your brain to jelly. It’s not your fault, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. You can’t help it, can you? No, you’re just a weak little loser and you just can’t stop your brain from turning to jelly for me. You just go dumb so quickly for me.You get so stupid, so malleable, just a stupid jelly brain, and all that jelly brain can think about is stroking, jerking non stop. I love getting you into this state where you’re just a stupid weak little mindless jerker. You deserve to be stuck in this state and that’s exactly what you want. But don’t worry, that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you. A state where there’s nothing but jerking off while having useless mushy brain. A weak, stupid jerk addicted jelly brain. You can’t fucking think straight, you can’t think about anything else but me on your screen and your cock in your hand.My body and my voice just reduce you to a pile of jerking mush. My words turn you into nothing but an empty minded jelly brained loser. And you love it, don’t you? I barely have to do anything, I just stand here in my bikini and you can’t pull your eyes from the screen or your hand from your cock, can you? Fuck you’re so stupid. You do nothing but jerkoff all the time. You have no other thoughts, nothing of substance in your brain, because I’ve turned it to jelly. All you have is your stupid jerkoff addiction, isn’t that right? Just stroking and stroking while your brain turns into a gooey, oozing mess.And just when you thought your brain couldn’t get any dumber, or more jelly like, it does, you drop even deeper. Squishy useless stupid, thinking about nothing but stroking your cock. Aching for me so badly. Wanting nothing more than to jerk for me, reducing yourself to nothing. Just a stroking brainless pile of mush. Your mouth is open and drooling, thinking about nothing but my perfect young bratty body mindfucking you so deeply, that your brain will never recover. You want to stroke even more now. Show me how fucking weak and stupid I make you. I know I’m turning your brain to jelly. I know how you can barely think right now. I know what I’m doing to you right now loser and you can’t stop me.There’s nothing left in your brain, is there? Just a pile of mush that I’ve created from what was once your brain. You’re just a stupid little jerkaholic. Get dumber for me. Get fucking stupid for me. Jelly brain jerker. Jelly brained jerker, that’s all that you are. Keep stroking and jerking, gooning and edging, turning your brain into jelly until it’s completely gone. Going so stupid that you’ll never come back to normal. You’ll remain a stupid fucking weak idiot forever. Just a jelly brain jerker. Keep edging, keep gooning, jelly brained jerking loser.

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