Princess Miki – Planting Seeds

Duration: 17:01; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

** NOTE: Wear headphones. Listen to the preview. Turn off the lights. Download the clip if you want the pixels to go away. **You’ve learned to fall deeper for every single aspect of Me, no matter the mood, tone, or character.No matter what I’m wearing… or what I’m not.You’ve never seen a full length, uncensored clip of Me in the nude. Maybe you began to believe that I was concealing My naked body as a display of power. Maybe you already associated nudity with vulnerability.You shouldn’t be any more or less aroused than usual, but since this is an image that is foreign to your eyes, I’ll forgive you if you are overwhelmed. You do have permission to stroke, but that shouldn’t be the focus, and the way you do so shouldn’t be impacted by the sight of My naked body. I even want you to take moments to stop touching and scan your body for sensations that come from mental stimulation, and not your hand.The focus should be on My words, and My lesson.Relax and breathe, and follow Me deeper… and deeper… and deeper….

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