Princess Miki – Future Step Mommys Stroke Puppet

Duration: 18:00; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MILF

– By Princess Miki Aoki – I’m your soon-to-be step-mom. Your da d and I have been dating for a while now, and I’ve moved in with him. You absolutely hate Me and despise Me. I understand how uncomfortable it must be to see your fa ther dating someone that’s closer in age to you than to him. You’ve sworn to never call Me Mom, and I totally understand. However, I’ve discovered another layer to your feelings towards Me. I caught you masturbating to My old Princess Miki clips. I figured you would find out about My old line of work at some point, but never did I expect to catch you enjoying yourself to it. I decide it’s time to confront you, finally. You try to wiggle away from Me as soon as I initiate the conversation, but you, of course, are all too familiar with My seductive ways. You know you can’t get away. I instruct you to unzip your pants, and start doing what you do every night

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