Princess Miki – Become a Faceless Cocksucker At The Glory Hole, Nobody Wants to Look at You

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Hey faggot, it’s time for us to have a talk about all the lies, the lies that you’ve been telling yourself, and the lies I’ve been feeding you. The lies aren’t about you being a faggot, that part is one hundred percent true. You are definitely a full fledged faggot, you think about sucking cock all the time. Let’s go back to the beginning, what made you start watching coerced bi porn? Why did you start listening to us when we told you that the only way for you to have a sex life, is to suck cock? Well first, it’s because we reminded you that you are totally undesirable to women. So then we presented you with the alternative, and that is sucking cock. We told you that the only people out there who would want you sexually are gay men.And here is where the lie comes in, men don’t want you either. Look at you, you’re an ugly pathetic undesirable loser, so just because you want to suck cock, doesn’t mean that you’re desirable to a man. I know you fantasize about showing up at a man’s door and dropping to your knees and sucking his cock. But the only way he would enjoy that is if he closed his eyes the entire time because you’re that repulsive. So to be honest, you’re even unworthy of cock. What you need is to suck on my plastic strap-on. All you’ll be able to do is to suck on a fake cock to fulfill all of your gay fantasies because real men don’t want an ugly closeted faggot sucking on their cocks.Nobody wants you. Yes you’re a faggot, but you’re an unwanted faggot, do you get that? You’re unwanted by both genders, you’re that pathetic. So what you need is a big fat fake cock in your mouth. But there is hope, there is a way for an ugly faggot like you to actually suck cock, and that’s the glory hole. Guys might want you to suck their cock if you’re just a mouth. And that’s really all you are anyway, nobody wants to look at your face. So this is the solution, show up to glory holes. Forget about Grindr, nobody wants to look at you.But you’re not ready to go to the gloryhole just yet, and that’s why I want you to suck on my strapon. You’re going to need to become a good cocksucker if you want men to return to your glory hole. Being a faceless anonymous cock sucker is your only hope of ever sucking cock. So I want you to suck on this dildo like you fucking mean it because you need to practice for the glory hole. The glory hole is the only option for you to have a real sex life. Do you understand, faggot? Nobody wants you, not even gay men.So if you’re going to be a glory hole cocksucker, you need to be good at it. I’d hate to send an untrained cocksucker to the glory hole, that would be unfair to the man on the other side. It’s already unfair that he doesn’t know that you are so ugly and pathetic, so you at least have to give him an amazing blowjob. So you really need to practice on this strap on to make it worthwhile for all the anonymous cocks you’re going to suck. The main take away from this conversation is that you shouldn’t be seen, nobody wants to see you. Nobody wants to watch you suck their cock. You’re sexually undesirable to men and women, you’re that pathetic. You should not be seen, you’re just a mouth, that’s it.Your mouth is all that matters so you better know how to use that mouth. So you need to practice before you go to the glory hole. You have to be the best cocksucker there is, that’s the only way to make it right. And the only way you’ll earn the right of sucking real cock is after you’ve mastered the art of cock sucking on my strap-on. Do you understand you disgusting pathetic faggot? You are undeserving of even cock, that’s how low you are. You will not be seen or heard except for the sound of you gagging on cock. Do you understand, faggot?

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