Princess Larkin Love – Cruel Nurse Forces You To Ejaculate

Duration: 15:54; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

Doctor, where is the sperm sample? Our 3 o’clock fertility patient will be here in a few minutes. What?! You threw it away?! How could you be so monumentally stupid! That’s it. I’m not covering for you this time. You’re going to have to replace that sperm sample right now – with some of your own.Screw ethics. I like my job. And I’ll be damned if this clinic closes down because you’re too stupid to run it properly. Now whip it out and jerk off! Not like that, you idiot. That sample was enough for several fertilization trials. You need to create the maximum sperm volume by edging your orgasm and massaging your balls. Let me show you how. Here, I’ll even let you see my tits to help things along.Oh my god, are you losing wood? Stop staring out the window and pay attention, damnit! So help me I will kick you right in your ballsack!

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