Princess Ellie Idol – EVIL SUPER SOLDIER

Duration: 09:51; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You’re a spy sent to gather information on me, an experiment of the government’s top-secret Super Soldier program. With powers of invisibility, super strength, and invincibility I’m practically a living GOD. You think you’ve hit a end and go to leave my hideout when I suddenly appear behind you. I’ve been following, observing, with you being completely unaware of my presence. Oh, the benefits of superpowers! I taunt you, torment you, BEAT you to a pulp, all while revealing my plans for world domination. Your agency sent you to your doom! There’s no stopping someone who’s practically a GOD. Your life ends here, spy! I’ll end your life by crus**** your throat!!

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