Princess Carmela – Once in a Loser Lifetime Opportunity

Duration: 18:02; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

OMG, can you believe you are actually lucky enough to be reading this clip description as I am still accepting applications for this once in a loser lifetime opportunity???? Don’t wait then loser, act now and get this clip and see how you can actually finally be of some real world use to Me and have some kind of interaction and real dialog with Me…. Isn’t that amazing loser? You are going to be told very specifically how to contact me, and what to do, and provided you aren’t too stupid to follow simple instructions, you will be blessed with not only a response from Me, but better yet, a whole new set of obligations about how you’ll continue to be of use to Me for the remainder of your worthless loser life…. hahahaha… limited time offer loser, ACT NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

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