Princess Camryn – Addiction Therapy Session 2

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“I really want a follow up clip to the addiction therapy clip. This could maybe be our third or fourth session. You could ask me some follow up questions about if i have come to terms with being a loser and that no longer need . You could also ask follow up questions about if I really have been a good loser and been eating my cum on a daily basis like you have told me to. Cumming on my food and maybe with my legs over my head so i can cum in my mouth. Then you tell me its time to take it to the next level. This might come as a shock to a normal person but its just normal for losers to do this. I want you to drink your piss. You could comfort me and promise its going to be ok. Maybe you could give me some tips that i can start with. I could maybe add some piss in my coffee or my cocktail to get into piss drinking. You think i look a bit hesitant about doing it. Its ok you have a way of making me do it. You smile and flip me off. “Don’t you want to be a good loser for me?”I really want you in the same mood as the first addiction therapy clip. Not mean just helpful to help me become a loser. Please giggle a few times like you do in that first clip when you give me advice on becoming a loser. Feel free to add more humiliating ideas to the clip

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