Princess Ashley – Humiliation Junkie For Ashley

Duration: 09:15; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You can’t get enough of My hot body and mean commentary about your pathetic loser life. You love when I mock and make fun of you. You are totally weak, stupid and addicted when it comes to My verbal humiliation clips. You can’t resist buying up every single one as soon as you see them in My store. You are SUCH a humiliation junkie and total LOSER for Me! You sit there and compulsively stroke your dick to every insult, every mean comment. You are so aroused when I flip you off and flash you the loser sign while I tell you how unwanted your worthless little dick is. You’re going to be a total humiliation addict for the rest of your pointless little loser life and there’s no stopping it!

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