Prescribed 2 Finger Ruined Orgasm Int0x JOI – Mistress Salem

Duration: 12:22; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

you have an appointment with Nurse Salem today. I’m going to find out if you’ve been taking your meds as prescribed & that your loser cock is doing exactly what I want it to. Come close while I examine you. It’s such a turn-on to come to these appointments & see your sexy nurse, watching Me slide on My surgical gloves. I see your cock growing in your pants. Have you been a good boy? I sent you out to pick up your prescribed p0ppers. Now, come kneel & stare up at Me. I’m going to administer your p0ppers to make sure you’re using them as prescribed, While you begin to feel the effects of the p0ppers I’m feeding you I put My shiny latex ass in your face & remind you why you love to come see Me every month, loser. Lucky you, I keep making you sniff p0ppers while you unzip in front of Me & I lube up My gloves, I get you so loaded. Stay still while I reach down & examine your cock & balls. Inhale the p0ppers when I administer them & stroke your cock for Me. I tease you with My lubed up gloves & My tits squeezed into this latex nurse uniform… I can tell that you’re really feeling it now… I fuck with you, humiliate you, fuck around with your dick & remind you that I’m the only person who cares about your loser dick. you’re a medical failure with a capital F, loser. I know you want to cum, your cock is reacting to My long legs, high heels, humiliation & all the p0ppers I made you sniff. I count in rounds while you inhale & feel it overcome you. Fuck your loser hand while I count! Edge it for Me! My one rule is that since I have you fully medicated with p0ppers, you STOP right at the very end of your edging, begging to cum, & you must sniff 2 final times then cum how I WANT YOU TO. I’m going to put My cleavage right in your face, give you a sexy cum countdown, & a spectacular tease, until finally I put My lubed up gloved hand on your cock & give you the orgasm you deserve: a RUINED one! I’m going to make you cum but I’m going to do it in such a way that it’s totally fucking ruined, using My special technique!

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