Pregnant By Your Best Friend – Madam Samantha

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we’ve been trying for so long and I got completely bored , maybe it was a good thing that I **** with your best friend because his sperm actually work , he is a real man . Do you feel betrayed ? I guess you do but you are a bit of a loser ….. I don’t know what I saw in you and now that I’ve made a Baby with him I’m going to leave you and make a go out of it . At your age I don’t think you’ll find someone now to start a family with , you’re too old anyway , maybe thats why your sperm dried up but I am guessing it was never there to begin with . He was always better than you wasn’t he ? Better job , better house , better looking …Was only a matter of time before he took me too. You must feel like such a loser right now , I don’t know why but it amuses me so much that you are feeling like this , maybe its because i resent you so much for being such a waste of space !

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