Penelope Peach – Crazy Ex-Mistress Impregnation Revenge

Duration: 19:54; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

You recently broke things off with your mistress, Peach, but you’ll soon find out that was a huge mistake. You come home from work one night to find she’s broken in and she’s waiting on your bed wearing your wife’s dress! Your heart is racing. If your wife finds her here you’ll be done. Peach starts bossing and demanding just like she did when you were together. She mocks you for getting hard at the innocent sight of her in a dress, compares your lust for her to your (lack of) lust for your wife, and teases you with her body relentlessly. She want revenge for how you treated her. Blackmail. Either you fuck her and she won’t tell your wife or you make her leave and she spills EVERYTHING. You reluctantly agree and she immediately starts gagging on your cock, continuing the the dirty talk throughout. She wants to make this last. She can tell you want to rush because your wife is on her way home right now. When she finally lets you inside her delicious, tight little pussy, she drives home her point

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