Pay Me, Make Me Wet, Get Nothing – Princess Miki

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You know what’s crazy? I completely own your dick. I am your sex life, even though you’ll never fuck me. You’ll never get near my pussy. You don’t even get to see me naked. I’m completely naked right now. But you don’t get to see anything. Yet, here you are. Jerking your cock to me, your goddess. You could be watching porn right now. Girls who you can see naked, girls who you can see getting fucked. But why would you jerk off to that, when there’s me? Even if I’m not letting you see anything. This, this is all you get. How good would it feel to actually be able to watch me, touch myself all over, my body all oiled up? How nice would that be? But you can’t. And you’re here anyway. Because nothing turns you on more than me, telling you how worthless you are, how pathetic you are, for being here. Your hand on your dick, your dick in your hand — married to it. You could be out there getting laid, but instead, you’re here, with me. Furiously jerking your cock, even if I won’t let you see me naked. But you’re obsessed with me, aren’t you? You’re obsessed with me, with giving to me, with buying all of my clips. Did you know that I’m touching myself right now? You could be touching yourself right now. You could be watching porn of girls touching themselves, where you can actually see what’s going on. You’d actually get to watch them cum. They finger their pussies and you actually get to see. Does this drive you insane? Do you know why I’m turned on and touching myself, though? It’s because you give everything to me, despite not getting anything in return but my existence. You don’t have anything to offer but your money when it comes to pleasuring me, sexually. Please me. Give to me. If you want to cum, you have to give. ‘Those are the rules now.

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