Olivia Rose – Cum In This Condom

Duration: 13:44s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

So you want to eat your CUM for me? You want to slurp it all up? You know, I used to work at a club and a guy would always come in and he didn’t want anything from us girls, well, except two things. One, he really liked spit and would have us spit in a cup for him to sip, and two, he really loved digging through the trash cans to find used filled CONDOMS to SLURP all of the CUM out of. Today, I am going to have YOU CUM IN A CONDOM and SLURP all of the CUM out! So, I want you to start stroking for me, have that CONDOM ready, and put it right on that cock. You’re going to fill that CONDOM full of CUM and EAT it all up!

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