Office Turnover – Bratty Foot Girls – Naomi Swann

Duration: 15:10; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEET - FOOT FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION

Office girl Naomi is working away when her boss comes in to complain that her reports need to be done. She tells him her laptop hasn’t been working right so she hasn’t been able to get it done. She tellshim to check her laptop cord and gets under the desk to check it.He immediately complains about the smell under her desk. She tells him if she didn’t have to wear pantyhose all day maybe it wouldn’t stink under there, on top of that she has recorded the whole conversation and is going to complain to HR. He begs her not to say anything, but she says if he doesn’t want to lose his job then he better start licking her stinky pantyhose soles. The smell is extreme as he takes off her heels. She wants him to soak her soles in his spit! She tells him to rip open her pantyhose and start licking all the sweat and toejam from her bare feet and between her toes. She has him by the balls now and he has to do whatever she says. She demands a promotion, a raise and even more a change in dress code so she doesn’t have to wear pantyhose in the heat anymore as they make her feet SWEAT!

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