Obey My Painful Instructions If You Want to Cum – Megan Loxx

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Today you`re going to be obeying my very command. It`s going to be tough, and excruciatingly painful, but if you want to cum for me you`ll have to do exactly what I say. If you can`t handle it, you can always just stop the video. You`re going to need a few things, so go grab a wire coat hanger and a wooden spoon. Now I want you to get your cock nice and hard, which shouldn`t take long with me laying here rubbing my amazing tits. Don`t get too excited, though, because you`re not going to be getting much pleasure today. Pick up that wooden spoon and smack your dick with it right now! Give it another smack in the same spot, then another, stroking yourself in between smacks to confuse your senses. Pleasure one second, then blinding pain the next! Now set the spoon aside and grab that wire coat hanger. Bend it into a straight line and scrape my name into the shaft of your cock. Don`t be a pussy! Do it, and prove your loyalty by e-mailing me a picture of it. After destroying your dick, will I finally let you cum? Watch to find out!

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