Nothing But My Cum Dumpster 1080p – Janira Wolfe

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You’ve always been a lazy motherfucker, and really just a generally horrible human being. But being a selfish piece of dirt will only get you so far in life…and this is where you finally learn that. Your most recent attempt to get through life as an un-employed loser was by signing a slave contract, agreeing to be on Goddess Wolfe’s domestic slave service for life. It seemed like a great deal at the time; shelter for life in exchange for serving Her. However, you didn’t anticipate how high Goddess Wolfe’s expectations are of Her slaves, and you were certainly not prepared to meet them. After three strikes, falling short of Goddess Wolfe’s expectations on simple household tasks, Goddess Wolfe has had it with the disappointment, and resolves to lock you down in the basement until She can think of a proper use for you. She’s tied you up on the floor of the basement, locked your pathetic dick up in chastity, and blindfolded you, so you have no idea how long you’ve been down there when you finally hear Her heels clicking on the floor. As She removes the blindfold, you blink your eyes and look up to see Her smiling down at you. You know it must be morning now because She is still dressed in Her nightgown, and Her skin is beaming the way it does after She spends a night with Her Step-Twin bulls. You sit there shaking with anticipation as your Goddess explains the new use She has thought up for you. Since the problem was your laziness, Goddess Wolfe determined that She must find a way to get you motivated to serve some sort of purpose. So, She is going to keep you on the brink of dehydration and starvation, feeding you only one thing to quench your thirst and provide you with the nutrients necessary to sustain you, so that you learn to associate that one thing with being your life Coerce, to crave it more than you’ve craved anything before, to the point that your entire days will be spent craving that one thing until She comes down and feed it to you again… can you guess what your new diet is going to consist of? Yes, Goddess Wolfe will be feeding you cum and only cum. Today for breakfast, you get two whole condoms full of cum from last night with Her Step-Twin bulls… but this is just the beginning. you will be consuming all sorts of cum from all sorts of men…and you’ll never know how long She kept them for. You can’t help but think that you deserve this as your fate starts to sink in. But then, as Goddess Wolfe pours the creamy, bitter….delicious…. contents of that first condom into your mouth, you start to realize that maybe this isn’t just what you deserve, but this is where you belong. Maybe it’s because you’d been deprived of food and water for so long… it doesn’t really matter. It’s starting to happen already, just the way She said: you’re already starting to fantasize about drinking the cum straight from the source. Perhaps the problem was that you could not be motivated to serve Goddess Wolfe alone, because who you were really meant to serve is Her twins. After feeding you your first course, Goddess Wolfe continues explaining to you how your new life will be, but as She’s talking She can see in your eyes that you already want more. It seems finally you’ve found something to work for. Your life now will be dedicated to being the best fucking cum dumpster Goddess Wolfe could ever ask for, in hopes of one day being promoted to being tied at the foot of Her bed, a lucky cuck to serve Goddess Wolfe and Her Step-Twin bulls in the bedroom. How fucking pathetic.

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