Nina Crowne – Accepting Your Place as a Beta Cuck

Duration: 19:31s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: HUMILIATION, SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION

You’ve come to me because you know I will be honest with you about your true nature. You are a beta cuck, a loser, a small dicked POS, and worthless to women. I don’t deliver this to you in an aggressive way, but in a natural, calm, and loving voice. What you need most is to accept your place in this world–no woman will ever want you so you might as well get used to pleasing dicks and cleaning them up after they’ve fucked woman. The only thing you should even be allowed to see on a woman is her asshole. I stay fully clothed, not showing you any of my sexy body, other than the occasional glimpse of my asshole to prove my point. After saying what I need, I strip out of my top and walk away, never showing my breasts, then remove my pants and underwear after I’m away from your creepy perverted gaze and outside the door.

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