Nicole Nabors – Giantess Mom Safe Forever

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You caught a virus that causes you to shrink unless you ejaculate. Releasing some pent up testosterone is the only thing that will slow the shrinking process, for a moment. Your mom walks in talking on the phone with a friend, while you have shrunk on the floor around her feet. She doesn’t notice you and knocks you over several times before noticing you. She hurries off the phone and checks on you. She can’t believe how tiny you’ve gotten. She tells you she left you a new pair of dirty panties for you to cum too. You tell her you don’t want to jerk off to her panties anymore. Its embarrassing. Shes shocked. She gives you a lecture So what’s your plan then if you can’t jerk off to her panties anymore? You ask her to change infront of you. She slowly agrees. But we have to hurry so we don’t get caught. She gives you a count down while giving a striptease. She can’t believe you couldn’t cum for her. She gets another idea, explore her body. You begin to hump her nipple, you still don’t cum for mommy. She places you on her giant ass in hopes of it working. Nothing. She finally decides to put you in her pubes for you to shoot cum everywhere. You dont cum for her count down. She tells you she has one last idea. She puts you on her finger and rubs you against her pussy. She slowly slides you inside, she counts down to her orgasm. She takes her finger out to shockingly realize she lost you inside of her…

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