Natalie Brooks – Trance Therapy – Mind Under Master

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Session 1: Yet another college student in need of the good doctor’s help. Natalie just joined a sorority but she’s worried that she’ll fall behind in class and doesn’t want to get mixed up with a bad crowd. The doctor quickly gets he into a trance and makes her realize that she’s WANTS to be wild, she just needs a safe space and his office is the perfect place. But when he asks her to tell him her fantasies she is resistant. “What about if you whisper them to me?” he suggests and the implanted thought holds. {ASMR] She curls up next to him on the sofa whispering her dirty thoughts about one of her professors. She gets carried away and start kissing and grind ing on him, but he reminds her that this is a safe space. Soon he has his hand down her shorts and she promising to keep this all a secret. She’s begs for permission to cum and when she finally does he snaps his fingers and she’s back in front of this trance light. — Session 2: Natalie is VERY excited to be back and it doesn’t take long to get her back into a trance. Turns out she’s been thinking about the doctor, she loves that she can be herself in this safe environment. She likes that he’s older and she wants him to be her daddy. In fact she brought him a gift. She strips out of her shorts and puts on a sexy little outfit for him. The doctor also has a gift and hands her a sucker [ASMR] She shows him what she wants to do to his cock, licking and sucking on the sucker while promising to him his good little girl. She won’t tell anyone because she know HE won’t tall anyone. After teasing him, the doctor lays back on the sofa and Natalie uses his cock like a lollipop. She drenches it in her spit as she lovingly strokes and kisses it. She laps at his balls with he wet tongue getting her face all messy for her drool. She blows bubbles and whispers submissively to him, begging to be his little secret. Then begging for his cum. “I need to get to class doctor” she says having satiated her needs…for one day at least.

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