My Sons Friend – Lilcanadiangirl

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*Virtual Sex* You and my Son are really great friends. You can tell I am fond of you since I personally invited you over, but when you arrive its only you and I. My son is out running errands for me, I figured we could just get to know each other a little better. Out of all my Sons friends you are my favourite. I purposely open my legs while we are talking and I am not wearing any panties. I catch you looking and I like it. I let my tits come out and you get a big boner. I suck it with my mommy mouth. Then we start fucking. I talk dirty to you and turn around so we can fuck doggy style. Then I face you for you to give me a deep cream pie. Don’t worry, I wont get pregnant..I cant have kids anymore. I think we should have you over for dinner a lot more often.

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