Mommy’s Perverted Game Whoever Cums First Wins – Son & His Friends, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige

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Warning: this is an extreme taboo clip. It has been created for those interested in something more than your typical family video. It is highly disturbing & perverted.

“Hey, sweetie,” Step-Mom said with a warm, cheerful voice, “are you and your friends having a good time at your sleepover?” She was thrilled to hear you three were having fun playing video games and eating snacks. She didn’t even mind if you boys stayed up late!

“I love it when you guys come over!” she smiled at your friends. When she noticed there had been a lull in your party, she had invited the three of you into her bedroom so you boys could play a game with her. “You wanna play a game with Step-Mommy? You guys wanna play a game with me?” she asked.

Before the game started, she needed to ask you boys a few questions. “Have you guys ever touched yourselves…down there…” she pointed towards your pee-pee, “you know in this region? No?” Her eyes widened in disbelief.

She explained that in this game, you would be touching your little wee-wees, and as you did, they would begin to stiffen as the b1ood rushed down to it. Once you had stroked it long enough, white stuff would come out of it, and once that happened, it would feel really good – one of the best feelings in the entire world.

“Whoever makes the white stuff come out first wins,” Step-Mom went on to say. “Doesn’t that sound like a really fun game? I’m gonna help you play this game – I’m going to be the referee, if you will. You’re going to pay attention to me…you’ll need something to look at.”

The instructions were simple. You wouldn’t look at each other, you’d focus solely on Step-Mom. “So, go ahead and drop those cutey, little pajama bottoms,” she instructed. “Now that everyone’s out, you’re going to take your hand and put it on your little wee-wee. Here, put it on there just like that…”

Step-Mom then taught you and your friends how to touch your wee-wees to get them hard. As she guided you, she began stripping down and teasing you with her beautiful, petite figure. It’d be the first time any of you boys saw a real woman’s body.

“See, this is the equivalent for girls,” Step-Mom said, her fingers circling her clit, “we rub right here and you guys stroke like that. And when you’re older, you might even get to put that right in here…and that’s another amazing feeling for another day.”

Step-Mom loved watching your young, innocent cocks throb for her. It turned her on to watch the three of you get off to her beautiful, matured body. There was no better feeling than corrupting such sweet boys.

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