Mommy Gets Young Son Wasted – Forced Intoxication, Buzzed Mom Fucks Son, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige

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This is an extreme taboo fantasy. This video has been created for those interested in a perverted & disturbing family experience.

“Hey, sweetie, how are you?” Step-Mom aimlessly smiled. “Did you have a good day at school? Good. Step-Mommy’s just having a little drink, you know how Step-Mommy likes to do that after a hard day.”

Step-Mom always said that wine gave her a nice, warm, wonderful feeling – that was probably the reason why she was always drinking it. “Have you ever had it?” she asked with wide eyes. “No? Well, why don’t you try a sip, honey.” She pushed the cup towards your mouth, forcing you to drink the strong-smelling liquid.

“Aw, such a sour face!” she said when you made a disgusted face. “Oh, no, no, no, honey, you’ll love it…drink up, have some more.” She pressed the glass against your mouth once again, making you take an even bigger swig of the liquid.

Step-Mommy said the wine would make you happy, that it’d be like being on the playground at school all over again. “Aw, your face is so adorable,” she giggled as she forced you to take yet another chug, “it’s like the first time you ate a lemon when you were a baby.”

After so many swigs of the wine, your body started to get warm, and you felt all happy and giddy inside. “How you feeling, baby?” she asked. “Step-Mommy feels good.” She started to act different. Her hands were running up and down her body, and she noticed that your eyes were fluttering and rolling, that you were starting to get “buzzed” – a word you had never heard before.

“Oh, don’t worry, Step-Mommy’s just comforting you,” she said with a big smile, her hands caressing your pee-pee. “Doesn’t it feel good? That warm feeling from the wine? And me just rubbing you to comfort you…”

She could tell you were confused, surprised, and shocked at what she was doing, but she didn’t stop. Her fingers pulled down on her see-through blue dress revealing her perky tits. “What if Step-Mommy were to pull this button?” she said seductively, her finger plucking your pants. “And unzip that zipper? Pull these down…and Step-Mommy can touch and comfort you. It’s just cause Step-Mommy loves you so much, she wants to make you feel good.”

Her hands and mouth wrapped around your throbbing pee-pee. “Oh, my excited little boy, did you think this was going to happen when you got home from school today?” Step-Mommy showed off her beautiful, petite, mature body to you. She laid back on the bed, her no-no spot right in front of your face, and started masturbating.

She slurred terrible, naughty, taboo things to you, then motioned for you to come over to her. “Let me take that cock of yours,” she told you, “and put it inside of me. Doesn’t Step-Mommy’s pussy feel good and wet? All these new sensations for you. You can touch Step-Mommy, baby, no worries….”

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