Mom & Dad Impregnate Disobedient Daughter, POV – Dad Creampies Daughter, Forced Sex, Inbreeding – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks & Akira Shell

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Nikki Brooks, Akira Shell, POV, mom and dad, mom and daughter, dad and daughter, mom is fed up with her daughter misbehaving, she is spoiled, rude, & disobedient, she doesn’t listen to her mother or father, mom & dad have tried everything to fix the situation – they come up with something more extreme, dad will impregnate his daughter so that she will grow up & take responsibility, she will have to become an adult to look after the baby, mom strips down & gets her husband hard, virtual handjob from wife, virtual sex with wife while daughter watches, mom pushes her daughter’s head onto dad’s cock, virtual blowjob from daughter, oral sex, daughter begs dad not to do this, mom pries daughter’s legs open and has dad fuck her, virtual sex with daughter, daughter cries & screams for him to stop, dad impregnates daughter, dad creampies daughter, simulated creampie, daughter will carry her father’s baby, impregnation, breeding, inbred, inbreeding, fertile, ovulating, brunette, MILF, older woman, daddy’s girl, older man, young girl, family sex, threesomes, boy girl girl, BGG, fauxcest, pregnant, pregnancy, dad fucks daughter, hand over mouth, 18 & 19, teen** “No, don’t tell me to lower my voice!” your wife argued with you. “She thinks it’s a joke – everything is a joke to her! She is out of control.” “She’s crazy,” Akira rolled her eyes. “Oh, my nail is coming off…can I have some more money to go the salon?” Your daughter didn’t respect you or her mother, and she didn’t care to listen to either of you. She had turned into a snobby, spoiled, greedy, ungrateful, and disobedient brat. You and your wife had done everything you could to fix the situation, but it was hopeless – she refused to change her behavior. “You know, our house went down in value because of the bars on the window,” Mom clenched her teeth, “because you wouldn’t stop sneaking out, and then when we kept you from sneaking out, they were sneaking in!” “The hulk Mom is going to come out! Rawr!” Akira antagonized her mother. “Look Dad, she’s already looking a little green to me.” Earlier on, you and your wife had discussed a plan to get your daughter under control. You couldn’t just send her off to military school because you knew that she’d have a field day with the boys there – it had to be something extreme. Something that would make her grow up, take responsibility, and become an adult. “Your father is going to fuck you and get you pregnant,” Mom said bluntly. “You are going to stay pregnant, and you’re going to start this family over again, and you’re going to get your sh*t straight!” It was the only thing that would keep her under control and inside the house. “When we had you, we grew up,” Mom explained, “and we started filing out own taxes and paying for a mortgage and…” Akira thought it was a joke – something that would scare her into behaving. “Let me just get you started,” your wife sighed, then wrapped her hand around your cock to get you hard. “Nu-uh!” Akira’s eyes widened in horror. Mom had had enough. She was tired of her daughter acting like a mean, selfish bitch. The two bickered back and forth as your wife stroked your cock. “I’m just going to get your father started and he’s going to finish in you,” Mom told Akira as she stripped down. “You’re joking!” Akira yelled. “No, you can’t make me!” Your wife had you fuck her first, then took your daughter by the back of the head and shoved her down onto your cock. Once you were throbbing, Mom pried open Akira’s legs, then demanded that you fuck her. “Can you just stick it in….?” your wife fought to keep Akira’s legs open. “If we don’t get you pregnant, you’re never gonna fucking compromise!” Your daughter begged you not to do it, but it was the only way she’d ever grow up. She threatened to tell people that her mom and dad did this to her, but Mom told her that no one would believe her. “It’ll be okay, let Daddy fill you up,” your wife caressed your daughter’s scared face. She screamed for you to stop, but you had to follow through with the plan, so you impregnated her. She cried as her pussy was filled with your seed. She knew that her life would never be the same again. Soon enough, she’d have a baby she’d have to look after. She’d learn to grow up and take responsibility.

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