Mom Caught Son With Her Panties – Katie71

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TABOO Mom walks into the laundry room and son is standing there with her creamy panties in his hand. She asks him why she keeps finding her panties with a wet crotch? Apparently your taking my panties and doing something with them? Son asks what the white stuff was and that it tastes real sweet and makes him cum harder than usual. Mom explains that her pussy makes that white stuff when she gets excited and horny. Son starts begging his mom to show him. She shows him her creamy pussy and tells him to come into her room and sit down and watch. Mom gets her dildo and inserts it into herself. He starts moaning and when mom looks up he is standing there in front of her holding his full erection. He asks if he can taste the cream straight out of her pussy and she tells him to fuck her and then clean her off. After only a couple of licks he explodes in and all over his moms pussy.

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