Molly Darling – Shrinking and Feet Squashing Fetish QampA

Duration: 20:40; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

This video was filmed as a custom request for me to sit and answer questions based on a fetish involving men being shrunk to a tiny size and then squashed with bare feet. I sit with my bare feet on show and play with them casually as I read and answer the questions from my phone. This is a natural, non-scripted reaction! Cuts are made throughout to edit my ums and ahs so the video flows a little smoother. I give my thoughts on a device being made that could shrink men to a tiny size, if I would use it, how I would feel and who would get squashed! As the video goes on we get into the politics of using the device and gruesome details of what could happen to a man being crushed by my feet.

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